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Pizza is Hot


    Pizza is Hot

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  3. Psst… hey, listen!
    Lalalalala! I love my job. Whoo! Makes me feel like Superman!
    Can you fly? I can. Wanna see?

    I’m only entertaining you
    My goal is to stimulate, making you high
    And take you and I
    To a place you can’t see
    But I believe you can fly
    I don’t mean nobody harm, I’m just partying
    I’m not your dad, not your mom, not your guardian
    Just a man who’s on the mic
    So let me entertain you…

    My lyrical content is constantly under fire
    No wonder why I constantly bomb back
    To combat attacks with constant concepts
    When lyrics are constantly took outta context
    Failure to communicate with congress has
    Been a problem for the longest, I guess
    But maybe one day we can make some progress
    Food for thought - see how long it takes to digest
    Feeling good when I should be ashamed
    Sh*t, I really should’ve fell but I stood
    See I came like a flame in the night
    Like a ghost in the dark; there’s a ray, there’s a light
    There’s a hope, there’s a spark
    But when planets collide they’ll never see eye to eye
    Until they decide to set their differences aside
    And this is why only one of us will survive
    So children follow my lead and feel the vibe, cause


    My music can be slightly amusing
    You shouldn’t take lyrics so serious, it might be confusing
    Just trying to seperate the truth from entertainment
    It’s stupid, ain’t it? I get sick of trying to explain it
    See I could sit and argue with you but it goes beyond
    Just being a snot, pointy-nosed bleach-blond
    Cause I came here to uplift; let your woes be gone,
    Tell ‘em to get fu*ked and just mosie on
    Constantly moving, constantly using the constitution
    As a form of restitution
    Bless the children, nothing less than brilliant
    Let me entertain you like Robbie Williams
    I’ll be here when y’all are gone, rebuilding,
    World revolving, still evolving, still Slim
    How many kids’ll copy? Probably millions,
    But I’ma do this as a fu*king hobby till then, cause


    My lyrical content contains subject matter
    That sucks up all these fu*ked up young kids
    At an alarming rate; common denominate
    Add it up and you’ll see just why I dominate
    I try to stimulate but kids emulate,
    And mimmick every move you make - “Slim, you great!”
    But wait, can’t you see I’m only here to entertain?
    I gotta be the one to go against the grain
    Cause man, I see it, feel it, live it, but it’s inhumane
    For me to see you be influenced but pretend you ain’t
    But they don’t understand that I’ve been through pain
    If you get to know me I could be a friend you gain
    But you can’t just stand there and try to judge
    It hurts but you’re jealousy probably tears you up inside as much
    And it’s such a pleasure, every button that I touch
    I treasure every glutton that I punish in my lust, but

  4. I would describe it almost like a dream…

    The frantic phone call. I cried. Then I sped home with an icy calm settling over but there was no help for my shaky fingers.

    Before I entered the house I could hear the screaming and the yelling and the raised voices.

    In my head, I was going to be rational and strong because someone had to be.

    I opened the door…

    So much blood. SO much fucking blood on the floor with my mum calmy mopping it up like it wasn’t a big deal as she yelled.

    I turned back. I though it was a hallucination.

    I re-entered the house again and it was still there.

    I was so sick. so fucking sick. I thought it was her blood. And she said he hit her. That’s what she said. She said he hit her. But the blood… and she wasn’t bleeding and she didn’t stop yelling.

    Dad sat in the corner quietly and it was then she said it was his blood. A cut on his knee. DIrty bloody bandages beside me. They put a plaster on it. The plaster sat on his bone.

    I cried.
    She yelled.
    She told me to man the fuck up. That I was an adult now and that all teh crap about men don’t beat women was just that, crap.

    That she had attacked him first and he had retaliated because he wanted to feel like a man.

    Is this life?

    Did it really happen?

    Did I take my dad to the emergency room to get seven stitches on his cut and medication for his very swollen thumb and something to help with the blood-shot and bruised left eye?

    Did it happen?

    Did I calmly drive him back to the house and leave?

    Am I Stockholm-ing?

    He apologised.

    Is this life?


  5. Don’t you ever think to yourself “it can’t get worse than this” because it always fucking can.
  6. "I’m fine".


    I want to be fine.

    I want to be okay again.

    but fuck you man. Where do you get off pretending that we are okay? One happy familial unit?


    You fucked up so fucking big.

    I just can’t…

    It’s taking all my strength to hold myself together. I thought I knew pain before but this?
    This is like a fucking hot and sharp knife slicing firmly and decisively into bone, heart and marrow.

    And you?

    You are fine.

  7. I’ve already been twenty four for a whole month.

    Do I feel i’m any wiser?
    Nope. Not really.

    Some recent events have made me feel at times that my whole life as I know it is a lie. I guess it’s nothing too crazy. My dad cheated on my mum with someone very close to the family.

    It hurt like mad even though I had my own diablo saga. But I think the reason it hurt the most was because my dad has always been my moral compass. Always preached about truthfulness. I admired and respected him for that and I was so hellbent on trying to make him proud for the rest of my life even though i knew he would fall short… and now? Well. Now is now and shit has changed.

    So yeah. 24 has been pretty rough.

    But I do know now for certain that bad news can’t kill you.

    I do know now that I need to work damn freaking hard, everyday, if I ever want to get somewhere and do something.

    I do know that love is hard and people will fuck up and its not fair on anyone to put someone else on a pedestal.

    I also know that i’m an alcoholic. white white wiiiiine.

    This year I just want to save and grind.
    Do at least one road trip every two months.
    Use my pool more.
    Go to the movies one man once in a while.
    Make exercise goals and stick to em.
    Be more open to and with people.

    The slogan for this year is POWER!

  8. Work Swag

    "Worry bout yourself".

  9. Work Swag 101

    I love this shirt.

  10. Crazy in love with my baby

    Crazy in love with my baby


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