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"I hate you so much right now!"


    "I hate you so much right now!"

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  2. I Hate You Kelis Mp3 Download

    "Caught out there"

    Yo, yo
    Yo, this song, yo
    This song is for all the women out there
    That been lied to by their men
    And I know you all been lied to
    Over and over again
    This is for y’all
    Yo, maybe you didn’t break the way you shoulda broke, yo
    But I break, knowwhatumsaying, so
    This is how it goes, yo
    Yo, yo

    Last year, Valentine’s day
    You would spoil me and say
    “Babe, I love you, love you (Yo, he’s lying) and I swear”
    Held you when you were sick, even … (sucked yo dick)
    The whole time I think to myself, this isn’t fair

    What is this I see (No)
    You don’t come home to me (Oh, no)
    When you don’t come home to me (Man)
    Can’t deal, can’t bear

    You keep tellin’ me lies
    But to your surprise
    Look, I found her red coat
    And you’re (Bitch) caught out there

    [1] - I hate you so much right now
    I hate you so much right now
    I hate you so much right now
    I hate you so much right now
    I hate you so much right now
    I hate you so much right now

    So sick of your games, I’ll set your truck to flames
    And watch it blow up, blow up, (ha-ha-ha) tell me
    How you gonna see it now
    So far from sincere (I love you)
    Fabrications in my ear
    Drive me so far up the wall
    I come slidin’ down

    What is this I see (I don’t believe this)
    You don’t come home to me
    When you don’t come home to me
    I can’t deal, can’t bear (I won’t)

    You keep tellin’ me lies
    But to your surprise
    Look, I hope you’re happy
    Since you’re caught out there

    (Yeah, you’ve been caught)
    Yo’, come on
    Come on

    [Repeat 1]

    (She’s so)
    Raunchy, so vulgar, not me, why the hell her
    Look, she dresses (Look at her)
    A mess, what do you see (I don’t know)
    It’s not all about cash (Hell, no)
    Not how much you flash
    How I dress is a reflection of me

    What is this I see
    You don’t come home to me (Uh-uh)
    When you don’t come home to me
    Can’t deal, can’t bear (Told you I won’t)

    You keep tellin’ me lies
    But to your surprise
    Look, I got somethin’ for y’all
    Since you’re caught out there

  3. 20 Facts about Me, nominated by Sam Taf,
    Chamancha- whyy she does this to me- I know not. Here goes:

    1. My name is Tatenda Jacqueline Zvoutete (one down, 19 to go)
    2. I’ve had celebrity names haunt me- Shakira (friends know why), Jackie Chan and Miss Jackson (gotta sing the whole I’m sorry Miss Jackson part with it).
    3. I love all things Disney (almost), dang- just all things animation.
    4. Like Sam, I am a hopeless romantic and I’m blessed to be dating my dream man.
    5. I like things to happen NOW!!!
    6. Favourite city that I’ve visited is Paris- love the architecture of some of those old buildings.
    7. I’m often referred to as “bubbly”- I don’t quite know why.
    8. I don’t shop. Don’t enjoy it much either unless there is a necessity.
    9. I call my bestie Matii Chindori-Chiningamy ‘handler’.
    10. I own a multibillion dollar MNC and run various NGO’s (law of attraction).
    11.My fav Bible Verse is Ephesians 3:20
    12. I’m going to adopt that kid Quintavious Johnson from Americas Got Talent.
    13. Never watched Star Wars (not keen to) and I keep saying I’m going to watch It’s a Wonderful Life and Clockwork Orange soooooon.
    14. I’m happy and content being me
    15.I don’t stringently live by the rules- thus this ends at 15 

    Thank you for tuning in, hope somehow this inane social network game changed your life. Lol It was actually fun.

  4. 20 Facts about Me, nominated by Colleen ohhh friend the things you do to me *le-sigh*. I’ve been dreading this day because i doubt i know myself enough to come up with 20 whole facts that will actually make sense to whoever is going to be ‘stupid’ enough to read but hell lemme give it a try and see where i land (probably at 7 or something)

    1. I ramble…a lot (as im sure you can tell from above) so be ready to read a long list of rambling
    2. I love my friends…..im sure everyone loves their friends but my friends are special, they are my unbiological brothers and sisters and i wouldnt trade them for sh*t (except maybe for an audi)
    3. My favorite car is an Audi TT and i will buy it one day by FIRE or by FORCE (chero yakabuda mustaira!!!)
    4. I have natural hair and its the most dreadful thing ever but i dont see myself ever relaxing my hair(crazy much huh)
    5. I dont cry in public,for any reason and if you have EVER seen me crying you are sooo very special
    6. I like reading blogs on just about anything (other than finance and sciencey stuff) i’ve decided i want to start my own blog as well which will have a whole lot of rambling on anything and everything *watch this space*
    7. I love cooking but i absolutely hate baking!
    8. I am a talkative human being, i will talk to a stranger as if we’ve known each other for years (once i earned myself a stalker because of that but still hasn’t stopped me)
    8. Im not BIG on pets (i think) if Im to have a pet it will be a fish or a bird and it will be named Will.
    9. I love SLEEPING….bedtime is my favorite time of the day and i can sleep all day
    10. Making me try and come up with 20 facts about myself is actually one of the most difficult things ive had to do (you are going to pay for this Collz)
    11. As far as i know i have one siblingShumirai Edie Tamirepi she is the only reason i do good (so she can learn the good stuff). So if i didnt have a sibling you know what that means right hahaha
    12. Because of the above i always wished i had had an older sister or a twin sister….
    13. I would love to travel the world one day and Asia will be my first stop (dont ask me why i dont know)
    14. Growing up i used to think my dad was my step dad because he was so strict (and i hated it) but i look at myself now and the awesomeness that is me and if i could go back in time i wouldnt change a damn thing. Thanks dad….i love you forever!!!
    15. (Just 5 more to go yippee) I hate my boobs i think they are just too BIG….i would trade them for a little flesh on the backside (Okay those would be too big too but oh well)
    16. I want to open up a book store one day….exclusively for novels (despite the many ebooks in this day and age i still like licking my finger and using it to turn to the next page)
    17. (Sh*t i have 3 more) I love weddings (well organised weddings though) and a part of me one day wants to wed-i think-and if i do my wedding will be Nigerian themed- Osheee!
    18. I have no problem with being by myself…..i think i actually love staying on my own (that way i do things at my own pace) such that if i was to build a house today i would build a tiny one which couldn’t even accommodate visitors hehehe
    19. I think relief is the best feeling in the whole wide world!!!
    20. I have a great sense of humour and i literally LOL, im a little perverted (as im sure is everyone else) and i love chicken, i love love chicken i will eat it any way other than raw!

  5. 20 Facts about Me, nominated by no one (so disappointed, Colleen, Jacqy and Eve)
    1. My hair is red
    2. Naturally my hair is blonde
    3. I look better as a red-head
    4. I have a sweet tooth
    5. I have jungle fever (just ask Nj)
    6. I classify myself as heterosexual though I have been with a number of women
    7. I am a feminist. ‪#‎YesAllWomen‬
    8. I probably think I am smarter than you
    9. I like shocking people; it’s just so easy
    10. I adore my friends. Everyone needs fans right?
    11. Behind my facade of boisterous confidence hides a little girl that just wants to eat candy and watch Disney movies. (ALL the candy!!)
    12. My birthday is coming so you best prepare yourself
    13. I love my crazy and slightly dysfunctional family, without them I would have probably turned out normal. Euw. (thx Pilar andPhilippe)
    15. I love to sing and even think I am pretty good at it; so don’t invite me to karaoke as I have a tendency to hog the mic (sorry,Wiseman)
    16. I have been to Disneyland at least 4 times (sort of lost count)
    17. I like stars and believe in the existence of aliens (If the universe is infinite it means there is an infinite number of possibilities so that extraterrestrial life should be able to be possible somewhere in the universe)
    18. I doubt very much that any alien life would be even remotely humanoid. (it may not even be corporeal)
    19. I want a pet dragon
    20. One day I will rule the world (watch me)

  6. "My daughter, you are twent fobulous" Daddy (2014)

    hehehe. Happy birthday to me.

  7. Fallen angel

  8. Thandowethu. It means our bundle of joy.
    Andries Mahlangu (2014)
  9. Queen of my silent suffocation
  10. Darkchild, oh yeah
    Toni Braxton, oh
    Ha-ha, uh-huh
    Yeah, uh, uh
    Darkchild yeah

    Listen girl
    Who do you think I am?
    Don’t you know that he was my man?
    But I chose to let him go
    So why do you act like
    I still care about him?
    Looking at me like I’m hurt
    When I’m the one who said I didn’t
    want it to work
    Don’t you forget I had him first?

    What you thinkin’?
    He’s not playing me
    He wasn’t man enough for me
    If you don’t know now here’s chance
    I’ve already had your man
    Do you wonder just where he’s been, yeah?
    Do not be worried about him
    Now it’s time you know the truth
    I think he’s just the man for you

    What are you thinking?
    Do you know about us back then?
    Do you know i dumped your husband,
    I’m not thinking ‘bout him
    But you married him
    Do you know I made him leave?
    Do you know he begged to stay with me?
    He wasn’t man enough for me

    Listen girl
    Didn’t he tell you the truth?
    If not then why don’t you ask him?
    Then maybe you can be more into him
    Instead of worrying about me
    And hopefully you won’t find
    All of the reasons why his love didn’t
    count And why we couldn’t work it out

    [Repeat 1]
    [Repeat 2]
    [Repeat 2]

    Oh yeah So many reasons why our love is
    through, yeah
    What makes you think he’ll be good to you, no
    It makes no sense cause he will never change
    Girl you better recognize the game, oh yeah

    What are you thinking?
    Do you know about us back then?
    Do you know i dumped your husband,
    I’m not thinking ‘bout him
    But you married him
    Do know I made him leave
    Do you know he begged to stay with me
    He wasn’t man enough for me

    [Repeat 2 to fade]


Love, Colly

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